Transforming Lives Delivering Results

The Situation

A small company specializing in medical systems software provided extremely valuable products to hospitals and clinics around the country. Although there was no end of talent in the company, the CEO was frustrated and had just about reached his limit. His employees were treating their jobs like hobbies, and targeted results were not being produced.

Staff members weren't working together, everyone had an excuse for not producing, and there was no culture of accountability for the success of the company. The company was in desperate need of significant, immediate breakthroughs in sales - actual sales - and not simply leads. The CEO needed profits to report to the board of directors, but given the current attitude of his team and their inability to work together effectively, he had little hope.

Work of Best Year Yet

The management team of the company, while formulating their annual plan, identified a huge barrier to their success. Nearly all of the staff members were operating under the limiting paradigm: "We're waiting for Development." Waiting for software developers to create, complete, or fix software products became the token excuse for anything and everything that was not getting accomplished. No wonder the CEO noticed a lack of accountability from his team!

The management team created a new, empowering paradigm: "Everyone creates. Everyone Sells. Wait for Nothing." and posted it in the main conference room. This paradigm made its way into every dialogue regarding the company's problems, and suddenly solutions were being produced rather than excuses.

The Results

Within the first year, the management team had achieved nearly every goal they'd set for themselves, including sales. They did not, however, achieve the revenue and profit goals set by the CEO. The team realized this was an area they had left out of their Best Year Yet plan and had instead left to one of their other planning methodologies. The CEO agreed to use the Best Year Yet program for another year, only this time he and his team established revenue generation as their major focus.

They are now meeting extremely aggressive revenue targets and the CEO has revised the management plan to make Best Year Yet their only strategic planning tool. Whereas before members of the staff were operating with no sense of urgency and no real co-operation.

now every manager becomes involved in the process of keeping their goals on track, even if it is not their area of responsibility! This company had the product and the talent to begin with, but now they also have the commitment and the vision they need to thrive.