Transforming Lives Delivering Results

The Situation

A local health and fitness club was well established in the community and had a track record of providing excellent services and a comfortable atmosphere. The owner and founder of the club had been a professional in the sports and fitness industry for many years, and worked diligently to develop an ethic that emphasized health and fitness for an older clientele.

Although the owner was well known in the community, the business was not being marketed to its fullest potential. The most significant problem this company faced, however, involved its leadership. Although the owner seemed to work well with his staff, there was serious conflict among some of the other leaders.

As a result, the work environment was overshadowed by a tone of distrust and dissatisfaction and overall morale was low. Employees were feeling subjugated and prohibited from taking real ownership for their work or implementing new ideas that might benefit the business.

Work of Best Year Yet

We first began working with the leadership team of this company and performed a trial run of the Best Year Yet workshop with the twelve members of this team that proved to be groundbreaking. By the time these team members reached the second question of the process: What were our biggest disappointments?_ it had come to light that several members of the staff were too intimidated by the current management to answer this question honestly.

The dialogue initiated by this question encouraged some of the team members to approach the owner and share their concerns. The owner became aware of the magnitude of the conflict among some of the staff for the first time, and within a week of beginning the yearlong program.

He had dramatically reformed the entire leadership model. He released several high-level management positions, and placed a new emphasis on the staff as a unified team that is now self-managing!

The Results

Although it has only been a few short months since this team created and implemented their new plan, the results have been astounding! With their new alignment and focus, they have tripled their sales in personal training, created a new sales and marketing program, and initiated a community health and wellness lecture series. There is a tremendous difference in the morale of the staff, with increased amounts of enthusiasm, initiative, and cooperation. The owner himself has rediscovered his inspiration, and the club atmosphere has never been better.

As they continue to advance in their yearlong plan, this once disjointed company now has a team of leaders in place and is ideally poised for growth.