Transforming Lives Delivering Results

The Situation

Manufacturing and marketing were being run as separate businesses. A textile manufacturing house of high repute was barely managing to break even and achieve negligible profits approached us.

The brand did extremely well in the marketplace.Manufacturing and marketing were being run as separate businesses. The manufacturing unit had a huge dependency on the marketing division for the production orders.

This led to almost no control over the production quantities and qualities. Given this situation, there were some months when they had to run the mill at heavy losses.

Thus they had tried to diversify into other product lines to reduce this dependency and achieve consistency in production numbers. But they were not successful due to huge attrition of leadership in production teams.

Work of Best Year Yet

They went through a transformation as a team. Everyone present took on the responsibility to fulfill the future of the organization. During the climate study, we observed that huge distrust and cynicism on both sides, resulted in no alignment and thus the capacity to collaborate and resolve issues for success was non-existent.

At the end of a 2 days strategic planning session with the directors, General Manager, all production vertical heads, and other team leaders, they created a powerful strategic plan that not only pulled everyone but was completely owned by all. This was the first time the entire leadership team created the strategic plan together.


Top priorities were identified after they went through a complete paradigm shift. All were on the same page and began rowing in the same direction

For the first time There was new energy and hope. The entire plan was entered into PRO, our online tracking software – “Producing results online”. Thus we not only had access to track goals but also the actions that led to the goals and the attitudes that were at the source of actions! They created and implemented strategies to harvest their current ideal clients and target more of the same. For example, they launched ad campaigns that highlighted their collective 100+ years of experience and established a consultant fee schedule.

The Results

They achieved their highest Revenues ever! Within 8 months, they doubled their profits. (Rise of 112% than the previous year) Month after month they started to achieve results that seemed impossible. They achieved their highest Revenues ever!

They innovated new ways of cost cutting, optimizing production, etc. New systems and processes were created and implemented. The new vertical, which was created to reduce dependency on the marketing division, started performing extremely well. After many years management is stress-free, the team optimistic and profits soaring! Now, they are on their way for major expansion plans to capitalize on the momentum created.