Transforming Lives Delivering Results

Over the years, Best Year Yet® has been used by Individuals, Entrepreneurs, SME’s, Corporate businesses and even community organizations. Here are just some of the many inspiring success stories we’ve seen over the years.

Alignment, clarity & accountability in a financial services firm

Board meetings ended up in acute disagreements and arguments. They were rarely conclusive.A family owned financial services firm serving thousands of clients for their loan requirements and availing various government subsidies had tremendous growth in their niche operations..

Hiring nearly 350 people with 12 offices nationally, they were doing very well in their business operations and generating handsome profits.

Turning around the bottom line in a dyeing house

An environment of distrust, resentment, fear and covert hostility existed in this company.A family owned dyeing house in Surat was running into heavy losses since 8 years. They had incurred heavy investments and felt the only way out was to keep sustaining and were hoping it will happen some day.

They worked hard and tried numerous interventions and changes.We found that this industry in Surat, the well-known textile hub of India, was running in a unique way.

Clarity Focus for a financial Firm

A wealth-management firm prided themselves with being well organized. Living in the highly regulated world of personal finance demands impeccable record keeping, timely reporting and adherence to strict compliance procedures. But although they executed well they lacked clarity and organizational focus.

As the stock market steamed ahead their business grew steadily during the late 1990's, but as things got tougher in 2000, they realized

Break Through for a Software company

Company morale was low and the owner was on the verge of giving up. Although great at design and customer service, this high-end software company was unable to get prospects in the pipeline

The company morale was low and the owner was on the verge of giving up. He no longer enjoyed the work and was having a hard time imagining the future of the business.

Growth & Cultural Transformation for a reputed hospital

Inspite of the busy schedule of so many physicians and surgeons, profitability was not even close to any acceptable business standards.The hospital was loosing revenues to increased competition. The attitude of business as usual and laid back approach in the culture was a big impediment.

The hospital was started by the Chairman 30 years ago.

Collaboration within leading to 2X profits for a Textile Manufacturing House

Manufacturing and marketing were being run as separate businesses. A textile manufacturing house of high repute was barely managing to break even and achieve negligible profits approached us..

The brand did extremely well in the marketplace.Manufacturing and marketing were being run as separate businesses.

Launching an Insurance Company

It was challenging because this desire for a forward-looking focus was nearly impossible, given the dinosaur culture of the parent bank. One of the two largest banks in the UK decided to launch a bank insurance company. It was the biggest start up insurance company in Europe with an investment of $225M.

From the beginning, the leadership of this new venture knew that they wanted to be a vision-driven organization and to spend at least 10%

Creating a team of leaders in the Fitness Industry

A local health and fitness club was well established in the community and had a track record of providing excellent services and a comfortable atmosphere. The owner and founder of the club had been a professional in the sports and fitness industry for many years, and worked diligently to develop an ethic that emphasized health and fitness for an older clientele.

Although the owner was well known in the community, the business was not being marketed to its fullest potential.

Achieving the impossible in Executive Search

New competition from internet-based search companies was taking away many of their best clients. An executive search partnership, a subsidiary of one of the largest search companies in the world, was a strong company of 25 young people with a great track record.

Then things took a turn for the worst. A fierce internal battle was raging on among the 8 leaders of the firm as they sought to find the source of their declining results.

Factory in Chaos

The business was losing 1 million euros per month, had a worker absentee rate of 25%. When the new General Manager arrived at a factory that produced flat screen components for television sets and computers, he found an explosive situation.

He had been told that if the factory didn’t turn around in one year, it would be closed. The decision of the parent company was understandable as the business was losing 1 million euros per month, had a worker absentee rate

Reinventing a Travel Business

A travel agency with a staff of 25 enjoyed a long standing clientele list and an exceptional reputation. They had an ideal location in a metropolitan city and a high traffic retail storefront.

Post September 11, 2001, however, the travel industry has faced significant changes and many of the travel service providers such as airlines, car rentals, and hotels, eliminated commission structures, causing earnings to be drastically reduced with a fee structure imposed upon clients..

Sales Team goes from Last place to First

A sales manager for one of the largest financial services companies in the United Kingdom had just been promoted to Regional Sales Director. However, his elation was short-lived when he discovered the challenges that existed in his new area.

While there were many positive aspects of his new role—good people, a quality product, and a substantial customer base – his team had the worst performance record in the country!