Transforming Lives Delivering Results

While many goal setting and planning programs focus strictly on work/life balance, we know our lives are much more layered with many roles to balance including family member, spouse, employee, business owner, artist, athlete, and volunteer to name just a few. Not only are your roles critical to success, so are your values such as creativity, honesty, generosity, communication, or innovation. By including ALL the important parts of your life, as well as identifying resources you already have at your disposal, the Best Year Yet® Live Your Life program provides an indispensable tool for creating a sustainable balance in your life without sacrificing critical areas of your being in the process.

With a Certified Coach

Best Year Yet certified coaches are the finest of the breed. The coaching one receives in this process is not what one would commonly perceive coaching as. Best Year Yet coaching is unique and revolutionary.

Your Best Year Yet coach is not there to give you solutions or to give you advice. They are champions of you having your Best Year Yet. They are your partners and not consultants. At Best Year Yet we truly believe that you have whatever it takes to achieve the results you really want and need and Best Year Yet coaches will be interacting with you so that you can discover the same, whether you believe it or not and that’s the foundation of Best Year Yet coaching.

Live Your Life Workshops

Reveal the power of the Live Your Life program for your organization, teams, communities and neighbourhood via a group workshop in your neighbourhood that helps create an individual Best Year Yet plan. Every participant will walk out having a 1-page individual plan for his / her Best Year Yet, filled with suggestions, main focus plus a brand new paradigm for the calendar year. This method generates motivation and benefits, both professionally and personally. This also delivers that additional reward of sharing the knowledge with other people, developing a community of guidance and support.