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What is Organizational Alignment and 3 ways it can dramatically increase the chances of producing results

Its that time of the year when the goals are set for the next year, Strategies made and objectives established for the future. However it does not work out every time in your favor, most of the time these strategies underachieve their goals or just do not work because people involved have different directions and priorities.

Most of the Industry leaders admit that in order to achieve common goals in a group of multiple decision makers, organizational alignment is most important attribute and a key to successful completion of tasks as it keeps everyone on the same page.

Just think of your organization as your car. When the alignment of the wheels is not proper, what happens?- high consumption of fuel, small life of tires, more pressure on engine and if you ignore it, it would eventually end up with your car breaking down in the middle of road.

Same logic applies to your organization as well. Here is how to understand if your team members lack alignment and how to bring rhythm to your process to achieve organizational alignment

Define roadmap for success

Dont just talk about outcomes and results, share your idea of how to achieve it and ask for the suggestions from your employees. After thorough discussion, make a roadmap to achieve your goals and make sure that every member have the same definition of success as you.

When we at BestYearYet-India do strategic planning with our clients, we make sure that we take our time to get everyone on the same page and have a common vision for goal achievement. It sounds simple but it does take mastery to bring people out of their comfort zone and work on a new path but believe me once this is done, you have won half the battle. It always pays off when everyone on the boat is rowing in the same direction

Clear the roles of members in the outcome

Help people understand how they are contributing in the goal achievement and what they can expect out of it for themselves once its achieved. Its important that they have a clear picture of the responsibilities in the whole project so that they can behave accordingly and don’t impose their decisions on others on non relevant parts of project according to their roles.

Commitment is necessary, Compliance is not-

Too often Managers/owners focus on compliance in project because lets be honest- Its easy way out. It is always easy to get compliance because that is what the team members are paid for – doing what you tell them. But by doing so, you only get their hands and legs working for you and you miss out on their heart, soul, leadership, ownership etc. When the team is merely complying, the goals are not theirs. They have been given goals and they haven’t taken them. This is a key differentiator. This is what makes alignment critical. Without alignment, there cant be commitment and ownership arising from the team.

Also any criticism leaves a very little room for creative initiative. Any new ideas of members of the project will be denied on the factor of losing the track.

But think about this, at the end of the day you are looking for from your employees is the sense of ownership and commitment to the organization and the collective objective. We at BestYearYet focus on creating an environment that makes people want to take initiative for the project, help them developing a sense of ownership of organizational goals and Directions.

Organizational alignment is a powerful tool to achieve goals and produce great results for companies. When all the gears are in place, commitment and ownership will drive your project and provide great value for the organization as well as employees.

Hiren Modi Area Director BestYearYet- Indian Sub-continent

Hiren is a recognized expert in helping organizations achieve measurable business results, with 30 years of global experience. He is a consultant, author, speaker and executive coach who has worked with some of the most prominent organizations. He is now working as the Head of BestYearYet-India and helping organizations creating a Best Year yet for themselves.