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Reaching your goals is not an easy task, it requires a lot of work, struggle and focus. When someone set goals for himself he obviously have best intentions in his mind but not every time good preparation or best intentions results with a successful goal completion.


A lot of factors come in to play when you talk about the failure to reach goals. The bigger the goal is the bigger the chances of failure. According to a study at Hertfordshire University nearly 50% of people will make new year resolution with a meaningful goal but 78% of people will fail achieving their goals because of lack of focus. Now you can blame distractions as work, family, technology or other factors all you want but these things will always be the part of your life, you would not get 100% favourable conditions to achieve your goals ever.

So what should you do?

It does not mean you should stop dreaming big or spend time setting up risk free goals. Not at all, Good news is that you can use few simple strategies that will help you to stay focused on your goals rather than getting distracted from the main goal because of outside factors. You can see that by using these strategies soon you will be making progress towards your goals

Shorten down your list-

Everybody wants everything but if you have too many goals to achieve in a short time then soon you will see one goal is distracting you from another goal. Which will result in not having any goals achieved or poorly achieved. Instead of focusing on too many goals, distribute them in short periods and manage only 1-3 achievable goals for any given period in time. These goals should tie in your medium and long term goals so that you can focus on important goals first and save the time taking goals for later period of time.

Break down major goals-

You will feel more motivated when you would break up a large goal in a series of small steps, each with specific, achievable tasks. With each small step completed you will feel more confident and motivated towards the end result. As you complete each step make sure that you reward yourself with a little something to stay motivated.

Tell your loved ones about your goals-

If the goal is not too confidential then telling about it to people you trust will make you feel more responsible towards completing it. If you feel more accountable towards completing your goals then its highly unlikely that you would give up on them easily. When you tell them about the changes you want to make in your organization, you want to be seen to respect your word. Also in case of any difficulties these people will work as a confidence boosters and celebrate your success when you achieve them

Documentation of the process-

The main mistake that we usually do is we think a lot about our goals in free time and get a lot of ideas but then assuming that we will remember it, we start working, Next day we would have a vague idea about the strategy and few days later we are totally lost with incomplete strategy in our mind. When you set a goal, decide how you would measure your progress, it is very important to know how you are progressing. Keep a journal for the actions you take towards your goal and review it in every few days to know if its going great or you need to take corrective action. Writing down your thoughts is an amazing idea to stay motivated till the end. Also in future if there is a need to set similar goals then you can always review your notes to make the best plan for your organization.

If you struggle to work together with your employees then this can help What is Organizational Alignment. No doubt it takes hard work and consistent efforts to achieve what you want but the main issue why people fail is because of lack of focus. I have implemented these strategies in different organizations and always find these work out most of the time. I hope it will help you with your organization and I wish you all the best setting and achieving your goals. In case of any questions feel free to message me on twitter or facebook on my organization page.

Hiren Modi Area Director BestYearYet- Indian Sub-continent

Hiren is a recognized expert in helping organizations achieve measurable business results, with 30 years of global experience. He is a consultant, author, speaker and executive coach who has worked with some of the most prominent organizations. He is now working as the Head of BestYearYet-India and helping organizations creating a Best Year yet for themselves.