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Areas of focus: Partnering with the hungry, to realise their dreams!

Hiren is a senior Trainer/Program Director who worked with Landmark Education Corporation, a global educational organization delivering educational courses in more than 116 world wide locations and making it the worlds’ largest off the campus training organization. He has trained and coached nearly 150,000 people across the world, in various countries like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, etc., in group and individual set ups, for the last 22 years. This experience and training makes him one of the finest breeds of trainers. His expertise is in the domain of Applied Philosophy and specifically in the areas of Ontological Transformation and Conversation Management. Hiren has been responsible for bringing in new Paradigms of possibilities and altering the business environment, in which peak performance, fulfillment, leadership and new levels of partnerships and ownerships are achieved. He has received top ratings from the participants in presentation, ability to communicate and deliver the results of the programs, in varying cultures and climates at a global level.

Engaged in a number of long-term initiatives to cause the organizational transformation, Hiren has successfully designed and delivered various initiatives, in various organizations ranging from large multinational companies to medium and small size organizations. He has experience of working with a wide range of industries including Aviation, Finance, Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Steel Manufacturing, Automobiles, Marketing firms, Education, BPOs, IT, Telecommunication etc. Having expertise in business strategies to optimize results and performance, Hiren can provide a wide range of services from consulting to training development and coaching initiatives. 80% of our Team program clients have repeated and signed up for 2nd and 3rd year.